Best of Brehob: Named after a Greek goddess, Fort Wayne office manager puts family first.

You might be able to guess from Fort Wayne office manager Aphrodite Beganovic’s name that she’s got a fascinating multicultural background. Originally from Greece, Aphrodite’s parents came to the US not long before she was born. Her great-great-grandfather had originally immigrated here to work on the railroad, but among her immediate family, Aphrodite was the […]

Brehob Welcomes 5 New Hires in Second Quarter

We’re seeing a lot of new faces around our facilities lately! If you see one of our new hires, be sure to stop and say hello. This quarter, we’re welcoming: Quarter 2 new hires include: Gregg Kluesner – Territory Manager (Indianapolis Crane & Hoist Division) Jesse Oakes – Crane Service Technician (Indianapolis Crane & Hoist […]

Preparing for a Summer Plant Shutdown

It’s that time of year—auto, manufacturing, and industrial plants all over the country are getting ready for the traditional summer shutdown, also known as a plant turnaround. In many ways, plant shutdowns are a bit of a drag. They’re usually expensive, both in terms of the labor needed to get the work done quickly and […]

Spring & Summer Preventative Maintenance for Your Equipment

Spring is here, and as seasons and temperatures change, it’s a great time to make sure you have the right maintenance plan in place for your industrial equipment and machinery. As any plant manager, factory owner, or engineer knows, preventative maintenance can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding downtime and keeping costs […]

9 New Hires in First Quarter

Brehob is growing! We would like to welcome our 9 new employees, all of whom started in 2018: Norman A. Thurman – Crane & Hoist Installer/Fabricator Robert L. Osborne – Crane & Hoist Installer/Fabricator James H. Gunter – Crane Service Technician Donald K. Harrison – Air Compressor Technician Mark W. Hamm Jr. – Entry Control […]