Crane Fabrication & Installation

Looking for more than just muscle and elbow grease to handle your heavy-duty material? At Brehob, we specialize in custom material handling cranes built to suit your unique needs and budget. Our experienced, knowledgeable personnel will study your application and develop the right solution to get the job done—all with an eye on the bottom line.

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Custom Bridge, Jib, and Gantry Cranes

Whatever your production challenge, the Brehob team is ready to build a custom solution. We’re experts in overhead bridge cranes, whether single or double girder. Our primary weight focus is 1 ton to 50 tons, but we’ve built ‘em both larger and smaller. When it comes to jib cranes, we’ve created custom wall and mounted versions, and our gantry cranes can be customized for a wide variety of structural needs. We can even do deck-mounted cranes. You tell us what you need to lift and where it needs to go. We’ll engineer the solution!

We’ll build (and Service) a crane that lasts

We don’t take shortcuts. Our cranes are built to be reliable for a lifetime of use. In fact, many Brehob customers have cranes that have been operational for decades. And once your crane is up and running, we’ll help keep it that way with our superior preventative maintenance and 24/7/365 service.

Have an older crane? We’ve serviced models from as early as 1935.

Watch our Team at Work

These 100 foot, 7.5 ton box girder cranes are a perfect example of what the Brehob team can do to make your production more efficient. See the installation below.

The bottom line? The right crane can not only increase the efficiency of your operation but also reduce stress and strain for your employees. Contact us today to get started.


Crane & Hoist Locations


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1334 S. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225
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Fort Wayne

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2476 Creekway Dr.
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