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When it comes to ABB drives, Brehob stocks more inventory than anybody else, from 3 HP up to 300 HP. That means you get what you need, fast—even within 48 hours in emergency situations. Whether you’re looking for a drive for cranes, conveyors, compressors, mixers, pumps, extruders, winches, fans, or another application, Brehob can help you find the electric drive that gets the job done. And our technicians have the expertise and experience to manage all your service needs, from preventative maintenance to emergency repairs. With Brehob, you’re in good hands.


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*Don’t forget to ask about the ABB Factory Certified start up program, which extends your warranty by additional year.


Choosing the Right Electric Drive

When buying an electric drive, it’s important to consider the following:

  • What are your power / HP needs?
  • What are your voltage needs?
  • What kind of enclosure do you need—standard or NEMA 12?
  • What application will the drive be used for?

Brehob can help you answer these questions. Just give us a call at 317-671-8546 or fill out the contact form on this page.

ABB ACS580 Drives

Part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio, the ACS580 can be used for a variety of variable and constant torque applications. It’s plug-in ready and scalable, with energy efficient features and top-of-the-line reliability.

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acs580 drives

ABB ACS880 Single Drives

The single drives in the ACS880 series give you the flexibility to customize your setup based on the needs of your industry. With an intuitive control panel, direct torque control, and built-in communication with all major automation networks, ACS880 drives are designed for a wide range of applications and easy service.

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ACS880 ABB Drives

Variable Frequency / AC Drives, DC Drives, and More

Brehob supplies AC and DC controls for all types of industrial applications conforming to NEMA and IEC standards, including variable frequency drives, also known as adjustable frequency drives, that vary the frequency and voltage supplied to an electric motor. Our specialists can also custom-build a control panel or system panel to meet your unique needs.

Electric Drive Brands

*Don’t forget to ask about the ABB Factory Certified start up program for an extended warranty.

Motor Drive Products and Services

Here are just a few of the products and services Brehob offers:

What is an Electric Drive?

An electrical drive controls the electrical energy (including speed and motion) sent to an electrical motor, allowing for precise operation and accuracy. Electric drives can be classified or labeled in a variety of ways, by speed, supply, control, or number of motors. Here are a few terms you might see when searching for drives:

  • Constant / single speed: Drives for applications that require a constant, fixed speed.
  • Variable speed: A variable speed drive can refer to either an AC or DC drive that varies the speed of a motor by adjusting the voltage. These often offer energy savings over fixed speed drives, depending on the application.
  • Single motor: Drives that control one individual motor
  • Multi motor: Drives that control multiple electric motors
  • Constant torque: Drives often used with conveyors or compressors, where load torque remains constant.
  • Variable torque: Drives often used with fans, blowers, or pumps, where torque needs vary based on the load.
  • Variable frequency drives: Also known as AC drives or adjustable speed drives, VFDs convert fixed incoming voltage and frequency into variable voltage and frequency, allowing you to adjust depending on need.


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