Compressed Air Dryers/Filtration

Out with the bad, in with the good…

img_compressors_dryersWhen your facility requires dry compressed air, turn to Brehob first. We understand the diverse range of applications that utilize dry compressed air, and we’ll recommend the compressed air dryer products that meet your unique specifications.

Brehob has experience in customized solutions for many types of compressed air dryers:


  • Refrigerated compressed air dryers QPNC brochure ECO brochure
  • Desiccant compressed air dryers
  • Breathing compressed air dryers
  • Other types of compressed air dryers such as:
    • Membrane
    • Silica gel
    • Deliquescent
    • Nitrogen generators

Along with dryers, Brehob has experience in a wide range of filtration systems:


  • 20 to 21,250 CFM (rated at 100 PSIG)
  • Micron ratings from 3 to 0.0008 PPM
  • Bulk liquids to oil vapor
  • Mist eliminators – 250 to 15,000 CFM
  • High temperature applications – up to 450°F
  • High-pressure applications – up to 5000 PSIG
  • Water separators
  • Specialty filters

The brands that you can trust:

  • Hankison
  • Quincy
  • Zeks

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