Heat Transfer

Heat Exchangers, Cooling Equipment, & More

heat transfer compressorBrehob offers you more and better solutions for your heat transfer needs. That’s because we partner with some of the world’s top manufacturers to bring you equipment that’s expertly designed and built to last, plus Brehob’s trademark. We guarantee it!

Can’t stand the heat?

Check out just a few of the heat transfer products we offer:

  • Heat exchangers
    • Water-cooled shell and tube products
    • Water-cooled brazed plate products
  • Re-circulation fluid cooler products
  • Plate and frame products
  • Open tower products
  • Steam condenser products
  • Process heat exchanger products
  • Air-cooled copper tube products
  • Air-cooled aluminum products
  • Chiller products
  • Custom systems
  • Accessories such as fluid filters, cleaning chemicals and controls

With patterns like AirTech, AKG Thermal Systems, Anderson-Snow, APV, Basco/Whitlock, Bell & Gossett, Heatcraft, ITT Standard, R.P. Adams, Schmidt, Thermal Precision Industries, Thermal Transfer Products, Tranter and Zeks, Brehob has a solution for your heat transfer needs. You have our word!

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