Controls & Automations

Brehob works with our customers to create game-changing technologies that allow their cranes and hoists to operate safely and efficiently in any environment, designing complete systems with custom-built control panels and automations suited to any task.

The first step is expert consultation to determine what you need, and where we can help.

Some operations may need programmable logic controllers (PLCs)  adapted to manage manufacturing processes like assembly lines, robotic devices, or other activities that demand high reliability and intuitive use. Complete PLC systems and safety PLCs or control upgrades specific to your project’s unique needs and challenges can also be implemented.

Other customers might need remote radio controls that remove the operator from the area of the lift to increase safety and reduce accidents. Delivering a broad range of load handling options and the ability to control multiple hoists at the same time, this technology can enhance many different types of projects. And with transmitters built to perform in harsh environments — often using very little energy, with long battery life — paired with best-in-class control logic, our solutions can serve up reliable operations for years to come.

For hazardous environments, Brehob delivers explosion-proof controls for class 1, 2 and 3 locations. Designed to contain any spark that could potentially ignite combustible material present in the atmosphere — from flammable gases or vapors, to combustible dust or easily ignitable fibers or flyings — these safety enhancements protect your employees, your equipment, and your project.

No matter how advanced or specific your control and automation needs, Brehob has the staff and the technical know-how to assist you. Give us a call at 317-231-8080 to learn how we can help you, or complete our contact form.


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