New year, New Approach to Customer Care

Brehob is constantly working to improve the quality of service we provide our clients
— and naturally, the cornerstone of that effort is our customer care team.
They’re the front door of Brehob, so to speak — the first touch many customers have
with our organization. Whether it’s helping to navigate a stressful service issue,
consulting on how to best solve a business process need, or guiding the purchase of
new parts or equipment, our customer care staff are experts in all things Brehob.

Changes for 2021 have made this team even more efficient, and our service
experience even more seamless. We’re taking a more integrated and holistic
approach to customer service: Our customer care professionals are now all cross-
trained in our full range of service offerings, rather than specializing in one specific
division of our organization. Our customers can receive the help they require in their
first call — no matter what you need, your question, or who you reach when you call.
From crane and hoist, to electric, to air compressors, you can be assured the Brehob
team member who answers the phone will be able to solve your problem with fewer
transfers and call-backs, saving you time and frustration.

Brehob has been hard at work preparing our customer care staff for this transition.
From weekly, ongoing training with subject matter experts, to restructuring our team
into three smaller groups to ensure you get a live, personal response at any time
during business hours, we’re greeting the new year equipped to meet your needs
more efficiently than ever before. We’ve even added new dedicated staff to make our
customer care team even more robust, so we can deliver on our one-call promise at
all times.

The Brehob customer care team: Just another way we take care of our customers
the way we want to be taken care of.