Brehob Assists General Motors in Reopening Plant for Pandemic Response

General motors’ request On Monday, March 30th, Brehob Corporation received an emergency service request from General Motors for the startup of 2 Joy Manufacturing 300 HP centrifugal air compressors. Unlike most service requests, these air compressors would go on to help open a plant that is already playing a vital role in the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Brehob Corporation’s Updated Pandemic Policy and Re-Entry Checklist

Valued Customer, In these concerning times, Brehob Corporation – MI-OH-IN-KY market areas continue to work hard to provide an essential service to our customers. Ensuring the Health & Safety of our employees, their families, our customers, vendors and the public, remain our highest priority. Brehob considers your organization as essential in support of our operations […]

A Word on COVID-19 from Brehob Corporation’s President, Bryan Smither

With the President’s national emergency declaration announced recently, we are truly in unprecedented times. Growing concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19) may be having a serious impact on your business. I wanted to personally reach out to assure you that at Brehob Corporation we are working hard to deliver business continuity while dealing with its impact […]

Brehob Hires New Senior Controller

Brehob announced it has hired Michael Campbell to manage the company’s accounting, finance and treasury as the new senior controller.    Campbell brings over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. Most recently, he worked for Fluid Waste Services based in Noblesville, Ind. as the financial controller.  “Michael has been great,” says Brehob Vice President […]

Holiday Plant Shutdown Checklist: Make Yours a Success

Tis’ the season to start thinking about a holiday Plant shutdown as the end of the year quickly approaches.  Regular shutdowns are standard for auto, manufacturing, and industrial plants. Though standard, plant shutdowns aren’t always convenient. They can be both expensive and time-consuming. Between overtime, third party contractors, maintenance supplies, and new equipment or parts, […]

Set Your Business’s Potential Free with Oil-Free Air Compressors from Quincy

Brehob and Quincy have a long-standing partnership that brings our clients the best and most efficient air compressors in the industry. We’re always working together to find new and innovative ways to answer the needs of our customers and find solutions to their biggest issues. Now, Brehob and Quincy are offering a new line of […]

Standard Hoists are Getting a Big Lift

Variable frequency drives are poised to offer operators safer, longer lasting equipment. There’s an art to operating large cranes and hoists. It’s about so much more than pushing a button; it’s calculating loads, considering speed, and ensuring the safety of employees. Now, our partners at Columbus McKinnon are making it safer, easier and more efficient […]

Clearing the Air: New Air Audits from Brehob Bring a Brighter Outlook to Customers

It’s called “the fourth utility,” and for good reason—compressed air is costly, precious and vital to just about every large facility, factory or manufacturer. But unlike natural gas, electricity or water, businesses are responsible for creating their own compressed air. Beyond just creating it, companies also need to understand if they’re utilizing their compressed air […]

All’s Well That’s Inspected Well

InspectAll brings accurate, in-depth reporting for better inspections. Inspections are a routine and vital part of crane and hoist operations. Regular inspections ensure safety standards are met, and preventive maintenance is done on schedule. Thorough, detailed inspections help our clients avoid downtime by keeping their equipment running smoothly. Now, Brehob is bringing even more value […]