Crane Compliance Inspection 101: How often should you do it, and why is it important?

Cranes are big pieces of equipment that are able to accomplish big tasks, but the implication of an error occurring during use is even bigger. Regular crane inspections not only ensure safety, but that your projects move forward without downtime. Brehob offers crane compliance inspections, done by our team of certified inspectors who are well-versed […]

Standard Hoists are Getting a Big Lift

Variable frequency drives are poised to offer operators safer, longer lasting equipment. There’s an art to operating large cranes and hoists. It’s about so much more than pushing a button; it’s calculating loads, considering speed, and ensuring the safety of employees. Now, our partners at Columbus McKinnon are making it safer, easier and more efficient […]

All’s Well That’s Inspected Well

InspectAll brings accurate, in-depth reporting for better inspections. Inspections are a routine and vital part of crane and hoist operations. Regular inspections ensure safety standards are met, and preventive maintenance is done on schedule. Thorough, detailed inspections help our clients avoid downtime by keeping their equipment running smoothly. Now, Brehob is bringing even more value […]

Spring & Summer Preventative Maintenance for Your Equipment

Spring is here, and as seasons and temperatures change, it’s a great time to make sure you have the right maintenance plan in place for your industrial equipment and machinery. As any plant manager, factory owner, or engineer knows, preventative maintenance can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding downtime and keeping costs […]

Brehob is proud to offer new ratchet hoist lever—the CM Bandit

Brehob is proud to offer new ratchet hoist lever—the CM Bandit New to the market, this ratchet was designed by the Columbus McKinnon Corporation to be the best ratchet lever on the market. Available in 3/4, 11/2, 3 and 6 ton capacities, the CM Bandit is compact and durable, both portable and lightweight, the free-chaining […]

Brehob Corporation Named Allen Bland Crane And Hoist Division Operations Manager

Brehob Corporation, an industry leader in electric motors, cranes, air compressors and hoists products and services, recently promoted Allen Bland to operations manager of the company’s crane and hoist division. Bland previously served as service manager for Brehob’s Indianapolis crane and hoist division for the past 15 years. In his new position, Bland works alongside […]