All’s Well That’s Inspected Well

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InspectAll brings accurate, in-depth reporting for better inspections.

Inspections are a routine and vital part of crane and hoist operations. Regular inspections ensure safety standards are met, and preventive maintenance is done on schedule. Thorough, detailed inspections help our clients avoid downtime by keeping their equipment running smoothly.

Now, Brehob is bringing even more value to our customers with the InspectAll program. InspectAll is a platform that digitizes our entire inspection process from start to finish, reducing paperwork and creating easily accessible files so we can get to the information we need to support our clients, instantaneously.

The program offers numerous benefits for both Brehob and the businesses we serve. Beyond simple digital filing, InspectAll gives us a robust mobile platform so our technicians and inspectors can access information quickly and easily for optimal service. Employees will be equipped with cell phones and tablets so they can effortlessly update pertinent information and seamlessly sync records, serial numbers and other information. Cloud storage will also ensure the information is protected and accessible — anytime, anywhere.

Most importantly, InspectAll will enable us to do more for our clients—faster, efficiently, and with greater accuracy. We’ll be able to support our customers in staying compliant with safety regulations, helping to protect their employees, their business and their bottom line. It will also help us track maintenance, service and parts for better, smoother operations.

We’re in the process of rolling out the InspectAll program right now to a select group of clients. Our goal is to have the platform up and running for all of our crane & hoist customers by the end of the year. If you have any questions or concerns about the program and how it will impact your operations, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at 317-231-8080 so we can start the conversation.