Air Audits & Preventative Maintenance

It’s better to be safe than sorry…

Hire Brehob as your in-house air compressor expert! As an on-demand “extension of your staff,” we’ll help develop and implement a customized preventive maintenance protocol for your air compressor products, eliminating expensive extra staff and wasted overhead. There’s no better way to reduce down time and costs. We can customize a program for:

  • Specific types of equipment
  • Load cycle
  • Budget
  • Production schedule

Compressed Air System Audits

Compressed air is your fourth utility! Let Brehob evaluate your system to identify inefficiencies that add unnecessary overhead costs to your facility’s bottom line. We provide you:

  • Efficiency surveys
  • Pressure profiles
  • Base-lining
  • Efficiency training

Contact us directly or call 317-231-8080 for more information about lowering your overhead costs with an air compressor audit!