Your Crane & Hoist Operation is About to Get a Big Lift!

Want a safer, more efficient business with longer-lasting equipment? Variable frequency drives (VFDs) could be the answer you’re seeking! VFDs are microprocessors that are used to operate your crane and hoist equipment with custom speed control, efficient operation and data collection.

VFDs can be a major investment for many businesses. While the benefits are many (read our blog here), we understand that you may still have a lot of questions about how VFDs operate, and how they could bring value to your operation. The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to address your concerns.

How does a VFD work?

VFDs are motor-controlled microprocessors that tell your equipment how to operate. You set the speed, and the VFD brings the hoist up to that number through a ramp-up process. After the load has been moved, the VFD will ramp-down the speed without the use of a brake.

How does a VFD improve safety?

VFDs will not allow your equipment to operate if the load exceeds the maximum weight. If you are uncertain about a load, a VFD is an extra step in ensuring you aren’t lifting more than is safe or recommended. In addition, VFDs have the ability to transmit data quickly, alerting you to mechanical failures and other issues, so you can address them before they put your employees’ well-being in jeopardy. A VFD will also help you remain compliant with OSHA regulations, to ensure a safe workplace, and to avoid downtime.

Don’t VFDs increase the time of operation?

Because VFDs don’t allow equipment to take off or stop at full speed, it can mean a big adjustment to operators. The additional time to complete a job is ultimately negligible, but the benefit the ramp-up/ramp-down process brings to your business is significant. The increasing and decreasing speed puts far less stress on your equipment, prolonging its life and leading to reduced maintenance. You won’t lose much time, but you will gain savings in reduced service, maintenance and downtime.

Is it worth the cost?

If you operate crane & hoist equipment on a daily basis, VFDs are likely to increase your efficiency and improve operations. VFDs only use the power they need to operate, reducing your energy costs and improving efficiency. As mentioned above, they also keep your business compliant with safety regulation, and help protect your workplace and your employees. VFDs could help you avoid fines for noncompliance, or in the case of a preventable injury.

What will a VFD mean for my business?

Smoother operations, improved safety and compliance, heightened efficiency and a better bottom line — all of these are the benefits of utilizing VFDs. One of the biggest impacts of a VFD on your business lies in the smart technology contained in the microprocessor. VFDs will collect data about your usage and equipment, giving you numbers you can use to make positive changes in your business. Find out if your hoists are being used appropriately, if there are mechanical malfunctions, and much more.

VFDs are a major change for many businesses, but at Brehob, we believe they are an investment that will bring you a big return. If you want to learn more about VFDs, contact us and we’ll get the conversation started.

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