Set Your Business’s Potential Free with Oil-Free Air Compressors from Quincy

Brehob and Quincy have a long-standing partnership that brings our clients the best and most efficient air compressors in the industry. We’re always working together to find new and innovative ways to answer the needs of our customers and find solutions to their biggest issues.

Now, Brehob and Quincy are offering a new line of oil-free air compressors, expanding the industries we’re able to serve, and bringing benefits and value to those looking to clear the air… and cut the grease.

Here’s what you need to know about oil-free compressors from Quincy.

  1. Any industry can use oil-free compressors, and in fact, making the switch is easy – a simple swap, and you’re on your way to oil-free compression. However, for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, oil-free compressors are a must. Because they prevent products from oil contamination, they keep businesses safer and ensure their compliance with federal environmental and safety regulations.
  2. The technology behind oil-free compressors is somewhat different. Instead of using oil to cool the machinery and keep it from overheating, oil-free compressors employee a two-stage process that compresses air, cools it using an intercooler, then compresses it again before being sent to the storage container.
  3. Oil-free compressors actually do contain oil; just not in the compression chamber. Oil is used within the gearbox that operates the compressor and will need to be serviced and maintained on a regular schedule, just like a traditional air compressor.
  4. There are potential cost-savings in using oil-free compressors. Though the compressors will require their own preventive service schedule, there will be less of a pressure drop, which can save money. Additionally, you could see price reductions with fewer filters and reduced oil condensate treatment.
  5. Oil-free compressors can improve your business’s sustainability, by increasing air quality and reducing waste. Less oil disposal to worry about cuts down on your hassle, but also gives a big break to the environment.
  6. With the combined brand power of Brehob and Quincy, you can be sure you’re getting quality equipment, maintained and serviced by the best technicians in the business. We work hard to earn your trust, and we feel certain that if and when you make the switch to oil-free, we’re the right partners for the job.

Are you considering making the switch to oil-free compressors? Or are you new to the Brehob family and want to learn how our expert air compressor team can help your business thrive? Call our Indianapolis Air Compressor location at 317-649-8658 or get in touch with Rob Grizzle at You can also fill out the form here.