Leaking Money? How Air Leaks Affect Your Bottom Line

As you can probably tell by now, here at Brehob we’re obsessed with making sure your equipment runs as cost effectively as possible. Our set up, warranty, preventative maintenance and audits are a huge part of what we do to ensure we keep you running efficiently.

We’ve discussed it before, but air leaks can cost your plant a lot of money and are an important component to keep an eye on within your air compressor system. When there are air leaks in a compressed air system, pressure suffers, energy costs spike and tool performance weakens, making operations severely inefficient.

For example, if you have a 1/8 air leak at 125 psi, it would take 10hp to overcome that, which at $.8 a kWh would cost you $7,106 a year. An air audit of your system with leak detection will help save money— and if we’re doing our job, the audit will pay for itself and then some.

Check out a video from Quincy about air leaks here:

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