For Longtime Employees, the Industry has Changed, but Brehob Remains the Same

In this day and age, career longevity has become something a bit rare. At Brehob, we’re proud that so many of our employees come to us early in their professional journey and stay with us, often for decades. Two of our long-running employees, John Young and Dave Dennis, boast more than half a century of service to Brehob between them. We sat down with both of them to find out how their industry has changed over the years, and how their work with Brehob has impacted their lives.


For John, his career at Brehob began in fabrication and welding, but over time he moved to crane and hoist installation, and finally landed in the position of sales territory manager. Dave started out in a sales role, but as he continued to find solutions to tough problems, he took on the title of engineer. Over the years, they have each brought so much to our profession, our company, and our culture.


Both have seen their careers grow and flourish with Brehob – John for 28 years and Dave for 34. Both recall favorite memories – projects with a large scale and big implications for our local communities, like an initiative to install an underground crane to pump waste water in Indianapolis, recently completed by John.


Over their careers, John and Dave have both seen significant changes – both good and bad – within the industry. For instance, John notes that cost is more of a driving factor in sales now, even if it means a sacrifice in quality. Dave says that technology has impacted every facet of the business – in some ways, making daily tasks simpler and safer, but in other ways, complicating processes that used to be second nature.


Throughout all that time, however, the one constant has been Brehob. Both men have enjoyed their time with the company, and appreciate the good-natured, family-like culture, along with the diversity of work and opportunities across our three divisions.


And while retirement is, we hope, still several years in the future, both have big plans. John is looking forward to spending more time on the hobbies he loves the most, including hunting, fishing and working on cars. As for Dave, he and his wife have already opened a bed and breakfast, and are looking forward to a future as entrepreneurs and purveyors of rest and relaxation for weary travelers.


Our sincerest hope is that both John and Dave can look back on their long careers with Brehob and be proud of the work they’ve accomplished. They have displayed the values we hold so dear within the Brehob family: hard work, dedication, perseverance and an unshakeable work ethic. We’re so thankful to have John and Dave continue their service to Brehob, and are grateful for the knowledge and experience they’re handing down to newer generations of Brehob employees.