Going the extra mile…

24/7/365. You’ll never catch us sleeping! Unlike a lot of our competitors, Brehob offers a true 24-hour service operation. Call us day or night. A qualified service tech will be dispatched immediately – not “tomorrow” or “Monday morning” – to keep you up and running. We’re ‘round the clock and ‘round the block.

Our Crane and Hoist Division is a full-service company. That means we sell, we service, we fix repair. Comprehensive solutions to meet your needs!

Inspections improve productivity and save you money. Let Brehob custom tailor an inspection program to give you the peace of mind you need and keep your production lines up and running at top speed. We work around your schedule so you don’t need to “shut down” during the inspection.

We offer load testing and capacity certification. To help you earn the needed lifting fixture, device, sling or other capacity certification.

Brehob knows your lifting equipment inside and out. Our skilled technicians are factory trained. Need a replacement part? They’ll pinpoint a solution that fits your budget and your production schedule.


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