Connected Through Internet of Things Devices

Working through a Pandemic

Our world has changed significantly in the past several months due to the global pandemic, and these changes have required companies to adjust the way they do business. People have begun wearing masks, washing their hands more frequently, and most importantly, have remained distanced from one another to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Working from home is the best solution for some businesses, but others simply don’t have that ability. Many businesses in the industrial space can’t work remotely, putting employees at a higher risk of virus exposure.

Each industry has been forced to learn how to work digitally, and quickly. When most of your day is spent in front of a computer already, it’s not too hard to change to another work setting. When you’re required to report into work every day to do your job, you have to get a little more creative to maintain a safe distance while remaining efficient.

Internet of things Devices

Enter IoT, or Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is used to describe the connection of two or more computing devices to one another, allowing them to share data in real time. The Internet of Things can be as small as a connection between smart home devices, or as large as smart power grids. IoT started gaining traction in the 2010s, and is now very prevalent in the manufacturing space.

Before the global pandemic, IoT solutions were helping businesses collect data, increasing process efficiencies, and making them more profitable. During the pandemic, the remote nature of Internet of Things devices has become increasingly important, adding an additional level of safety.

Benefits of ioT for Manufacturing

IoT systems may seem complex, but the experience for the user is fairly straightforward, and can ultimately benefit business in a big way. Brehob offers a tool from Quincy Compressor known as the Intelligent Connectivity System (ICONS). Stated plainly, ICONS allows monitoring of air compressor health and collects activity data remotely. This provides many benefits, including:

  • Real-time tracking that allows you to identify maintenance needs BEFORE they happen
  • Data collection that allows you to track process efficiency
  • Automated performance adjustments made when necessary
  • Compressors that can be controlled remotely, saving time and providing an additional safety measure
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Cost savings for proper energy consumption

As the world around us evolves, our hand has been forced – we have to adjust the way we do business. Leveraging IoT capabilities for your Quincy compressors can help you operate more safely during these uncertain times, and add efficiencies to save money and protect your bottom line.

In a Control Engineering article Stephen Greene, vice president of global marketing, said:

“We should not expect a return to normal operations. Manufacturers traditionally fare better when they are flexible and adaptable to real time and, at times like these, volatile market shifts. This has been proven out over time by companies who invest and continue to invest in capabilities that allow them to respond to changing customer needs, better manage production changes and drive operational excellence in any condition.”

If you have questions about the Internet of Things or how Quincy ICONS can work with your air compressors, keeping your business connected and safe, contact us as 317-449-7377.