Brehob Now Authorized Quincy Dealer of Michigan

Brehob Corporation has officially expanded its Michigan territory, becoming the authorized Quincy Compressor distributor in the state of Michigan. 

Presence in the midwest

Brehob boasts three divisions (electric, air compressor, crane & hoist) and operates in seven regions across the Midwest, including locations in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan.

The company broke into the Michigan market in 2003, opening its Troy location near Detroit. After establishing itself as a trusted Quincy dealer in eastern Michigan, moving westward was the next natural step for the industrial equipment distributor to better serve the state’s needs. 

Serving Michigan customers

Operations under the new expansion will focus specifically on Brehob’s air compressor division, offering a wide line of Quincy products to its local customers. With the need for air compressors and air compressor servicing increasing, especially in the healthcare space due to COVID-19, Brehob is equipped to move quickly and aid in these efforts.


Brehob president, Bryan Smither, is thrilled by what this expansion will mean for the company as a whole. “We are excited about continuing to grow as a company and provide top-notch Quincy products to new Michigan customers,” he said.


Brehob has officially started serving its western Michigan customers and will have an office in the Grand Rapids area house its operations.


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