Brehob Assists General Motors in Reopening Plant for Pandemic Response

General motors’ request

On Monday, March 30th, Brehob Corporation received an emergency service request from General Motors for the startup of 2 Joy Manufacturing 300 HP centrifugal air compressors. Unlike most service requests, these air compressors would go on to help open a plant that is already playing a vital role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has caused many businesses to pivot towards creating solutions that will aid in current COVID-19 efforts. Auto giant General Motors has reopened their Kokomo, Indiana plant, after shutting down on March 20, to manufacture much-needed ventilators through a partnership with Ventec Life Systems, addressing the shortage of the devices that hospitals are currently experiencing nationwide for COVID-19 patients. Not only that, but President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act in late March to urge the company to move quickly in this initiative. In less than a month, the plant already has a shipment ready for delivery, projected to produce 30,000 units by the end of this summer.


Brehob Moves Quickly

Realizing the weight of this request and the significant impact it could have on critical patients, Brehob was fast in their response to aid in these efforts. The next day following the request, Brehob was on site. Service representatives drove a combined 1,140 miles over the course of 5 days, putting in overtime each day troubleshooting, diagnosing, cleaning, and making repairs to ensure that these 2 air compressors would be reliable during this vital time of need, providing the necessary means to manufacture these life-saving devices.

All that to say, Brehob could not have done it alone. It was thanks to the combined efforts of General Motors, Dynamic Compressor Services, and various mechanics that these air compressors were back to their normal function. Brehob Corporation is honored to have played a part in flattening the curve during this pandemic, and will continue to seek opportunities to lead and support efforts that are doing so.



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