Best of Brehob: Fast cars, faster service, and a slow Kentucky drawl.

Mike Floyd hasn’t hit the decade mark in his career with Brehob, but the Louisville operations manager is anything but a newbie in the industry. He’s spent nearly half a century working in the air compressor field, driving trucks, scheduling maintenance and pretty much everything in between.

He’s a fast driver and a slow talker – a lover of drag racing and the proud owner of a ‘95 Mustang GT. He doesn’t race himself these days, but stays busy coaching and cheering on his four athletic grandchildren. “It’s nice as the grandparents,” he says, “you can come in and just enjoy the games and spend time with them. That’s pretty fantastic.” But all those kids and all their sports keep him hopping. “Only eight days a week,” he says with a chuckle. A baseball coach for some 38 years, Mike was thrilled to get on the field with his son to coach his grandson – three generations of Floyds on the diamond.

Mike’s been married almost as long as he’s been working in the air compressor industry, celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary with his wife, who works in the publishing business and is longing for retirement and more time with the grandkids.

For Mike, it’s all about family – at home, and at work. In fact, that’s one of the biggest draws of working for Brehob. “I’m very happy that it’s a family owned company,” Mike says. “They they take pride in in servicing their customers well.”

And service is what Mike feels Brehob does better than anyone else. And he should know – he’s worked for numerous distributors throughout his career, and has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. It starts with the product, but it always come back to the service. “We have the equipment,” he says, “as we back that equipment up with what I think is the best service in the industry.”

After close to five decades of hard work and fast cars, Mike isn’t ready to slow down now. He’s promised to stay with Brehob until he turns 70 in a few years, but in all likelihood, he says, he’ll stick around longer.

After all, when the work you do is all about putting the customer service, it’s hard to ride off into the sunset. “It’s kind of a joy,” Mike says, “to see that you’re working with a company whose number one priority is the customer, and customer service.”

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