Best of Brehob: Named after a Greek goddess, Fort Wayne office manager puts family first.

You might be able to guess from Fort Wayne office manager Aphrodite Beganovic’s name that she’s got a fascinating multicultural background. Originally from Greece, Aphrodite’s parents came to the US not long before she was born. Her great-great-grandfather had originally immigrated here to work on the railroad, but among her immediate family, Aphrodite was the first to be born on US soil.

After a stint living in Greece during her childhood, Aphrodite forgot the English language and had to learn it all over again when they returned. Since then, she’s embraced her heritage, involving herself in the Greek community, rich with a colorful and lively lineup of holidays and festivities.

She met her husband, a Bosnian refugee who came to the US and became a machinist for a medical company, and the pair married and had two sons, now ages nine and four. Their children are surrounded by the influences of two unique cultures, three languages and family members from around the globe.

Professionally, Aphrodite came to Brehob nearly a decade ago after a recommendation from a co-worker.  Today, as the office manager at the Fort Wayne location, she has become something of a professional “wearer of many hats.” If it involves customer service, Aphrodite is on it. She deals with work orders, sales orders and parts and service quotes, but mostly, she deals with people. She says when a customer need something, no matter what that something may be, she’s ready and willing to be their go-to person to get things done.

As for why she loves working at Brehob, she says it’s simple: Brehob is a family-oriented company that cares, and that care begins with the leadership. “I have a lot of respect for the company,” she says, “especially at the top. They’re here every day. They interact and they get involved. They’re not on a beach somewhere; they know everybody, they take care of things and they actually care. That’s one of the things I really love about working here.”

In the future, Aphrodite plans on continuing her involvement with the Greek community and doing even more once her kids are a little older. She also plans to be with Brehob for the long-term. In fact, she stated in her job interview that she was looking for a place to settle in and stay, and that’s what she’s going to do. Why?

“You don’t feel like you’re just an employee with Brehob. You actually feel like you’re important. Like you’re part of the family. That’s what keeps me here.”


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