Best at Brehob: Teamwork makes the dream work for territory manager in Detroit.

“They make life so much easier.” That’s what territory manager John Hannah says about the Brehob team in Detroit. Though he’s not managing people, he still manages to juggle a large workload and a full roster of clients. But, as he says, he gets a lot of help. It comes from the service techs, preventive maintenance crew and the rest of the employees who go out into the field every day and (often, quite literally) get their hands dirty.

After 15 years with Brehob, John says he’s somehow become the “old man” of the office, but his tenure means he’s been able to develop a great working relationship with his clients. When he’s not up to his eyeballs in POs, he’s visiting with customers, hearing about their needs, and then putting together a solution that addresses their specific issues.

The key, John says, is that the service and maintenance crew act as his eyes and ears on the ground, helping him stay ahead of potential issues, and allowing him to uncover what a customer is going to need… even before they know they need it.

In his personal life, John calls himself a tinkerer. He designs and builds furniture and enjoys woodworking. He is a fervent supporter and fan of his wife, Darci, a published author with a series of cherry-themed cozy mysteries. His sons are grown and out of the house, which should leave him with more free time, but John’s dedication to his work ensures he stays occupied.

When asked what he appreciates most about working for Brehob, John is quick to list autonomy as one of the keys to his professional satisfaction. “I’m very autonomous. They kind of let me do my thing, so I’m not micromanaged. I have the freedom to get in and do the things I need to get done, which allows me to really work with customers the way I need.”

As for the industry itself, John says the market is shifting in Detroit, and it’s a time of transition and opportunity.  “There’s a lot of new business out there,” he says. “Everywhere you drive around, there are new buildings going up and new construction projects, and the customers are freer than ever to purchase capital equipment. Now is the time to be in the business.”

And when you’re in business with Brehob, John says it becomes even more appealing to customers. “We have the ability to get any project done,” he says. “Whatever they run into, we have a solution for it.”

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