Centrifugal Air Compressors

FS-Elliott Official Distributor

As the official authorized FS-Elliott centrifugal air compressor distributor, Brehob Corporation is happy to offer genuine spare parts, full in-field factory trained service, and new FS-Elliott equipment to our customers.

All of our locations—Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Troy—offer service and purchase of FS-Elliott equipment.

Brehob offers the following service capabilities for FS-Elliott equipment:Compressors_Merged

  • Compressor Preventative Maintenance (PM’s)
  • Internal inspections for seal, bearing and impeller conditions
  • Complete in field and in house overhauls including 3-pinion machines
  • Surge Performance Testing
  • After-Cooler & Inter-Cooler cleaning & repair
  • New Coolers & Tube Bundles available

Oil-free designs are the trademark ofFS-Elliott’s equipment. Recognizing the demands of customers in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries to have unpolluted air, these FS-Elliott air and gas compressors deliver 100% oil-free air for purity. First introduced to the market nearly 50 years ago,FS-Elliott’s energy-efficient compressors incorporate the latest aerodynamic and control system technologies to ensure optimum performance—a value proposition that the Brehob team easily recognized as beneficial to our clients.

FS-Elliott’s long-established and globally recognized PAP Plus® brand compressors target applications requiring customized configurations while the Polaris® compressor product line is designed for industrial applications. FS-Elliott has been recognized as the quality leader for almost 50 years and are passionate about continuing that tradition. An official authorized dealer, Brehob offers factory-trained service professionals prepared to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Featured FS-Elliot Equipment:

FS-Elliott offers their Polaris series ranging in sizes from 900-CFM (250-HP) to 11,500-CFM (2,500-HP) in two-stage and three-stage configurations with pressures from 45 to 150 psig.

FS-Elliott offers their PAP Plus series ranging in sizes from 900-CFM (250-HP) to 18,000-CFM (4,000-HP) in two-stage and three-stage configurations with pressures from 45 to 150 PSIG.

FS-Elliott has most recently introduced their EH series ranging in sizes to 24,000-CFM (6,000-HP) in two-stage, three-stage and four-stage configurations with pressures up to 300-PSIG.
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