Clearing the Air: New Air Audits from Brehob Bring a Brighter Outlook to Customers

It’s called “the fourth utility,” and for good reason—compressed air is costly, precious and vital to just about every large facility, factory or manufacturer. But unlike natural gas, electricity or water, businesses are responsible for creating their own compressed air.

Beyond just creating it, companies also need to understand if they’re utilizing their compressed air efficiently enough to cut down on costs and keep their facility running smoothly. Now, Brehob is offering new Air Audits — a simple and effective way to optimize plant operations, reduce waste, and avoid problems.

Read on to see how a Brehob Air Audit could be right for your facility.

Tool of the Trade

The air audit begins with the placement of a measuring tool on your facility’s equipment. The tool records pressures and monitors the flow of air, then compares it to an ideal model. In very little time, you can see any potential issues, and we can help you create solutions customized to your business.

Optimization Station

The goal of an Air Audit is to ensure your facility is running efficiently, and not losing money due to preventable issues with your equipment. We like to go the extra mile by walking your plant making recommendations that will save you real dollars and have a real impact on your bottom line, and your operations. For us, it isn’t about adding equipment; it’s about creating an optimization plan that will save you time, stress and money.

In it for the Long Haul

Air compressors are expensive to purchase, maintain and operate. We want to help you minimize those costs and avoid problems. Air Audits add longevity to your equipment by letting you know they’re running as efficiently as they should. Audits can catch potential issues before they become real issues, allowing us to service your equipment before a catastrophic failure occurs. This keeps your equipment running longer, and helps you avoid downtime.

Is it Right for Me?

Do you operate a facility that uses air compressors and like to save money? Then an Air Audit is for you! We’ll make sure your air compressors are operating and optimal efficiency, and if they aren’t, we’ll put together a plan to remedy the situation, and save you money and headaches. Also, if you’re operating a facility and feel you’ve exceeded your capacity, and Air Audit can help you determine how much more capability you need to add.

At Brehob, we’re proud to be your trusted advisor in all your air compressor needs. We’re pleased to offer you this service to identify opportunities to save you money and keep your business running smoothly. To see how we can help you clear the air, get in touch with us at 317-649-8533.