ABB Irrigation Drives Fit for Your Fields

ABB Irrigation Drives

When it comes to irrigation, control is the name of the game. Rainfall is unreliable and typically insufficient — this makes controlling the amount of water distributed to large plots of land even more imperative. Proper irrigation provides overall food security and maintains landscapes. That said, many variables are at play in ensuring proper irrigation. One of the most critical is reliable, top-notch equipment. 


ABB has released a brand new irrigation drive package including ACS580 3R irrigation drives, specifically catered to those needing high-quality products to meet irrigation-related challenges. Common areas that demand different levels of irrigation include:


  • Golf Courses
  • Parks 
  • Sports fields
  • Cemeteries 
  • Crops


These drives range anywhere from 10 to 200 hp for varying sizes of land. 

Unique Drives for Unique Needs

Those in the agricultural industry face unique challenges and have specific needs when it comes to equipment. Rural conditions demand hardware that is available locally, and is easy to service and replace in a timely fashion. 


Since many farms are in remote locations, accessibility is of the utmost importance for ABB’s irrigation drives — that’s why they are manufactured in the U.S and distributed locally. Not only that, but Brehob’s technicians have the expertise and experience to manage all your service needs. 


One of the biggest threats to irrigation is unreliable equipment. If something breaks and is difficult to replace due to part availability, specifically due to proximity, the downtime can be extremely harmful to your bottom line. These ABB irrigation drives are 100 kAIC SCCR rated, have pad-lockable disconnect and enclosure doors, and are service entrance rated for three-phase four-wire system products, ensuring product durability and reliability. When you choose Brehob, make sure to ask about the ABB Factory Certified startup program, which extends your warranty by an additional year.


Controlling output is another central concern when it comes to irrigation. Unnecessary or excessive water use results in unnecessary dollars spent. ABB irrigation drives help you conserve resources while giving your land the hydration it needs, all while protecting your bottom line. 

Withstanding the Elements

Irrigation happens outdoors, so having equipment that can stand the test of time in all types of weather is imperative. From keeping the golf course looking pristine to keeping crops watered, these drives were built to take on the elements head-on. From storms to extreme temperatures, to exterior protection, these drives are perfect for the job. Some of the product features include:


  • Outdoor rated, NEMA 3R/UL certified enclosure for protection against falling rain, sleet, snow and external ice formation
  • Separate drive/control and cooling/air flow sections enhance reliability
  • Surge/lightning protection
  • Condensation heater
  • Ambient temperature -20 to 40°C with heater, to 50°C with derate
  • Available from 10 to 200 hp
    • Single-phase 230 VAC, 10 to 50 hp
    • Three-phase 208/230 VAC, 25 to 100 hp
    • Three-phase 460 VAC, 40 to 200 hp
  • 460V units are stocked at ABB
  • ABB ACS580 drive with advanced drive keypad
  • Wall mounting
  • Designed and assembled to UL508A


These drives were designed with you in mind. ABB’s irrigation drive package is specifically tailored to the needs of those with irrigation systems looking for dependable equipment.


Give Brehob a call today at 317-820-2718 to talk through how these irrigation drives can work for you.